Interim financials

Interim finance professionals

If you are seeking temporary support by a professional, please know that we can be of assistance. By seconding we can support you at all finance and accounting levels. Especially during times of understaffing this can be very useful. This is also the case when you are in need of (additional) financial expertise or (temporary) personnel expansion.

In close cooperation with you our interim financials will focus on securing “going concern” and optimizing your business process while keeping a clear, personal and professional approach. Their tasks range from performing complex monthly and yearly consolidating endings, implementing financial systems up and to the preparation of audit files. We offer flexible placement of our finance professionals, most of whom have years of (mostly Big Four) experience. Please know that these finance professional can always rely on the expertise and support of specialists at our office and within our network.

Flex controller

A controller is responsible for the planning and control processes within an organization. The controller oversees efficiency and effectiveness of the activities employed and advises the (financial) management of a company.

Many companies have the need for a controller but lack the scale for a fulltime controller. Other companies desire a (temporary) controller as a result of reorganization, health issues or maternity leave(s). We offer the possibility to subscribe to our Flex controller.

Advantages of such a subscription are:

  • tailor-made services
  • up-to-date and accurate accounting records
  • no long term employment contract
  • no fringe benefits
  • up-to-date business information
  • lower accounting/audit fees

Flex Admin

Companies may encounter capacity issues in their accounting department on a seasonal or periodical basis. Until recently a company with such an issue was more or less forced to resort to permanent or temporary staff. The drawbacks of this are obvious: permanent staff requires (large) investment(s), (just) broken in temporary staff ceases to be available after a certain period. Because of market demand we developed the Flex Admin subscription.

This subscription provides you the desired support, without having to attract permanent staff, still allowing you to take advantage of a (mostly) ‘permanent’ staff member. We have experienced staff of each accounting level at your disposal. Our experienced staff are available on part-time basis as of 4 hours per month and at your discretion. Our Flex Admin subscription is not only suited for companies dealing with capacity issues but also supports the needs of growing and developing companies.